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Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Multiply with base of 100 – Vedic Multiplication - Lesson Three

In the last lesson of Vedic Multiplication Methods, I mean here that in my last post I have explained the step-by-step procedure of Vedic Multiplication Methods. If you not read that post, you can read here to understand full concept of this fast calculation methods. In this post, I will demonstrate How to multiply with base of hundred within 15 secs? As I already explained the concept of Vedic Multiplication in my previous post. Now, I will show the examples with little description. But you will be able to understand. So, Lets start with the first example:
How to Multiply with Base of 100
Example 1. Multiply 78 by 96
Step 1. Well, here base is hundred, Put the two numbers 78 and 96 above and below on the left-hand side.
Step 2. For the right-hand-side, find out Deviation of both numbers. That is, 78-100 = -22 and 96-100 = –04 , Write Numbers as shown below:

Multiply with base of 100

Step 3. Now, for the right-hand-side of answer multiply the deviations 22 and 04, you will get 88, that is right hand side of the answer.
Step 4. As I already explained that there are four ways of find out the left-hand-side of the answer. Here, I used 78-04=74. You can use any of the four ways to find out left-portion of the answer.

Multiply with base of 100

Hence, 78 x 96 = 7488, Here, A vertical dividing line(‘|’) has drawn for the purpose of demarcation of the two parts. Below are the some examples of Multiply with base of 100.

Multiply with base of 100 Examples

Here are some points to remember:

  • In all these cases, note that both the cross-subtractions always give the same remainder (for the left-hand-side portion of the-answer)
  • Here too, note that the vertical multiplication (for the right-hand side portion of the product) may, in some cases, yield a more-than-two-digit product ; but, with 100 as our base, we can have only two digits on the right-hand side. We should therefore adopt the same method as before (i.e. keep the permissible two digits on the right-hand side and "carry" the surplus or extra digit over to the left) (as in the case of ordinary addition, compound addition etc.). See the following examples.
    Have you realize that when we multiply with base of 10 and 100 the left portion contains 1 digit and 2 digits respectively. Next, when we multiply with base of 1000 then left side will contain 3 digits. So, fact is that how many zeros('0') a base have, that many digits left side will contain.

Even if you don't understand the above steps. Don't worry! Then, Start from here.

Attempt the following and post their answers in comments:

  1. 93x98 = ?
  2. 27 x 99 = ?
  3. 81x91 = ?
  4. 25x78 = ?
  5. 56 x98 = ?
So, another lesson of Vedic Multiplication Methods comes to end. In the next lesson we will learn how to multiply with base of 1000.


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  4. FYI The problem 67 x 97 above contains and error. 66 x 97 = 6402 vice 6502. Great blog. Thanks

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