Vedic Mathematics Tricks - Multiply by 11 - Part One

Friends, this technique will teaches you how to multiply any number by eleven, easily and quickly. Here, I demonstrated some examples to use this technique. From these examples you will see the pattern used and how easy they are to do.

Example 1. Multiply 45 by 11
Step 1. Split 45 apart, like so: 4__5


Step 2. Add these two digits together 4+5=9


Final Step. Place the answer, 9 in between 4__5 it gives 495. Which is the correct answer.


Was that so simple and quicker than traditional method. Let's try another example:

Example 2. Multiply 68 by 11
Step 1. Again Split 68, like so, 6__8


Step 2. Adding these two we get, 6+8=14


Final Step. So, we have to put 14 in between 6__8 oh, Don't do this 6148 this is wrong.

Do this : Place 4 from 14 in between 6__8 it will give 648 add 1 as carry to left that 6. Now we get, 748




Here are some problems for your practice, post the answers in your comments.

  1. 83x11=?
  2. 65x11=?
  3. 35x11=?
  4. 91x11=?
  5. 69x11=?

Continue to second part of this post how to multiply 11 by more than two digits

If you want to share your knowledge, comment, your experience or even a small problem. Feel free to express via comments. Soon, I'll back with new quick technique.


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