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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vedic Multiplication Methods – Lesson One

Before we start, Let us, understand the following two terms carefully, these will help you to find multiplication in faster and easy way.
Deviation: The difference between the number and the base is termed as deviation. Deviation may be positive or negative. Positive deviation is written without the positive sign and the negative deviation, is written using a bar or negative sign on the number.
Base: Using this multiplication techniques, we relate each number very close to another number called base.
See the following table to understand these terms.

Number Base Deviation
18 10 18-10=8
8 10 8-10=-2
95 100 95-100=-5
111 100 111-100=11
994 1000 994-1000=-6
1042 1000 1042-1000=42

So lets start with this easy and fast mathematic technique. There are several cases when we multiply two numbers, listed below:

  • Both the numbers are lower than the base.
  • Both the numbers are higher than the base.
  • One number is higher than the base, and second is lower than the base.
  • Multiplication using other bases.
  • Numbers of which the last 2 or 3 or 4 digits added up give 100,1000,10000
  • Multiplying numbers whose first figures are the same and whose last figures add up to 10, 100 etc.

We will learn these techniques one-by-one. So, these were the basics to start with this technique.

Now, have some water, also take your notepad and pen. To, get start, with these quicker multiplication methods. I hope, you have understand the above terms. So, Don’t get confused in next lessons of this technique. If you don't understand these terms, please review these again and proceed further.

Since, these techniques hard to explain within this single article. So, I split this article into lessons that will help you to learn step-by-step. Continue to second lesson of this article.

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